Alternative Title Products

Lien protection products are designed to lower transaction costs and the speed up the home equity lending process while protecting against losses due to errant lien information, borrower fraud, and other undisclosed liens that could affect the lender’s lien position.

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Key Features

Mortgage Loan Report (MLR)
The MLR report is designed to accelerate the home equity lending process. It includes a public records search of liens and mortgage trade lines utilizing the borrower’s credit information. The MLR also contains a borrower’s affidavit and is warranted with a Mortgage Services E&O Policy

Equiguard is a lien protection product which replaces the title search process in your home equity lending programs, and is generally less than 50% of the price of a traditional title search. The Equiguard Product covers the lender against any loss due to superior liens that the Lender would or could have known about had they conducted a title search.