Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines

Transaction-level Automated Compliance

Nationwide proliferation of anti-predatory/high-cost laws and ever-changing state consumer lending regulations have caused mortgage lenders and banks to shift their regulatory compliance focus from traditional sampling and manual reviews to a pre-close, automated, transaction-level approach. New Vista Solutions is bringing their clients an industry-leading enterprise-based solution to their customers that provides comprehensive yet cost-effective automated compliance auditing to over 250 satisfied institutions, service providers and regulators in the residential mortgage industry. These compliance audit reviews cover:

  • Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA) - Section 32
  • State and municipal high-cost / anti-predatory laws and regulations
  • Truth In Lending Act (TILA)
  • State consumer lending laws
  • State licensing regulations
  • Secondary market investor guidelines
  • GSEs compliance guidelines
  • Lenders' internal policies

Automated HMDA

Yesterday's desktop and client/server HMDA software may have worked fine when the pace of change was slower; but in today's environment, maintaining these legacy systems imposes significant ongoing costs and increases the risk of missing or inaccurate data when systems can't adapt quickly enough. New Vista Solutionsis bringing their clients an entirely web-based HMDA compliance management solution that virtually eliminates maintenance costs, enabling you to automatically ensure quality data, conduct detailed analysis, and scrutinize your lending operation - before the regulators do.

  • Import, collect, and edit data, all in real-time
  • Automatically find and fix errors
  • Monitor all data changes with detailed audit trails
  • Hundreds of regulatory and quality edit checks
  • Eliminate maintenance burden and IT costs

Cost-Effective Income Verification

New Vista offers a unique automation technology and processing expertise to reduce the labor and time costs of income verification while ensuring accurate tax transcripts that satisfy the demands of lenders, investors, and regulators. Submit orders with just a web browser, or through seamless integration with your LOS. 4506xpress gives you a quick and user-friendly process to obtain accurate income information directly from the IRS and automatically verify borrower-provided income figures:

  • Place Order Using Online 4506xpress Platform
  • Upload or Fax 4506-T Form(s)
  • Monitor Status with Real-Time Dashboards
  • 4506xpress Sends Alert When Order Completes
  • Audit Report Flags Issues with Borrower-Provided Income

Automated Compliance Platform