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REALview™ is an automated, transparent appraisal review tool that processes and analyzes appraisals for compliance, completeness, currency and consistency helping you to manage your quality control processes. REALview™ allows mortgage lenders, servicers, appraisal management companies, and due diligence organizations to review and QC appraisals with an objective and consistent approach that takes the guesswork out of the appraisal review process. REALview™ can reduce the review process time by as much as 60% which will save time and money and increase profitability. Moreover, loan repurchases will be less likely due to the reduction in errors associated with the appraisal.

Compliance Analyzer

Nationwide proliferation of anti-predatory/high-cost laws and ever-changing state consumer lending regulations have caused mortgage lenders and banks to shift their regulatory compliance focus from traditional sampling and manual reviews to a pre-close, automated, transaction-level approach. ComplianceAnalyzer® is an industry-leading enterprise-based solution that provides comprehensive yet cost-effective automated compliance auditing to over 250 satisfied institutions, service providers and regulators in the residential mortgage industry.