A Cybersecurity Solution

Are you relying on unsecure email to acquire borrower information during the loan approval process? Or maybe you’ve gone the extra step with encrypted email, but that can be inconvenient for the borrower.

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We have a solution — our cybersecurity application allows you to transport data or documents with end-to-end encryption via email or text message. The novel part — there is no need for pins, passwords, logins, portals, apps or software download. Upon delivery, the encrypted container and all of the data and documents within it evaporate. Along with the ability to request documents, this application eliminates the inconvenience of FTP transfer tools, portals, secure email and sharing platforms.

  • Works on any mobile device or computer operating system.
  • Compatible with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or Box without the security risk associated with folder sharing.
  • Create new documents and/or send existing documents from any storage device to the account owner.
  • Recipient (i.e. customer, consumer, client) doesn’t need to establish an account before sending or receiving documents.
  • Converts images into PDF documents while documenting time/date stamp and IP address.
  • Supports all file sizes, formats and platforms.
  • API integration eliminates the need for third party sites, traditional portal logins and other software products that only send documents.