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The Green Report is a comprehensive list of government-backed and utility-funded incentives available to property owners when they construct, renovate or upgrade real property using energy-efficient, water-conserving and/or renewable products, materials or measures.

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As property owners become more aware of the potential cost savings associated with energy-efficient upgrades and the government-sponsored financial incentives available to them, there is an increasing demand for easy access to digestible information regarding green incentives.

New Vista Solutions has partnered with IncentiFind, a dynamic new company that maintains the nation’s largest database of green incentives available to property owners. Through our partnership, we want to offer lenders access to an information product that can be re-marketed to consumers and, at the same time, be used to promote any loan product that provides financing for construction and renovation projects involving green energy upgrades.

That is the foundation of our partnership, and that's why we created The Green Report.

IncentiFind’s database houses more than 8,000 green incentives available to property owners throughout the U.S. and is expected to soar to 12,000 before mid-2019. A simple survey on their website quickly identifies a list of incentives available in the project’s area. The Green Report further refines this list to only show incentives that qualify for that specific project.

How does The Green Report benefit mortgage lenders?

We believe The Green Report adds value to any mortgage lender's suite of consumer services. Many property owners are not aware that green incentives exist. Having access to this database will position lenders as valuable sources of cost-saving information for property owners.

The information contained in The Green Report is also a powerful marketing tool for mortgage lenders when promoting loan programs that could finance commercial and residential projects involving green energy components.

Home Equity lenders will find this report especially useful when promoting home improvement loans.

Lastly, The Green Report is also available directly to property owners who are considering a green energy project and aren't yet working with a lender. New Vista Solutions will collect information from each IncentiFind order, including any interest the property owner has in obtaining financing for their project. The qualified lead's information will then be passed along to lenders within the New Vista network of lender partners that best fit the project based on loan amount, asset type and property location.

How does The Green Report benefit property owners?

Having this information available in a single report will:

• Save property owners time from sifting through government documents and websites for information on available incentives.

• Provide a level of confidence that the information, maintained in one database, is complete, current and accurate, thus maximizing the cost savings on each project.

• Present the incentives in an organized format that property owners can use and understand.

What is the cost of The Green Report?

Pricing is based on the potential cost savings that the property owner will realize if all eligible incentives are applied for and approved. Our target is to charge a fee that will yield a 10X Return on Investment (ROI) in the form of funding from incentives.

Base Retail Fee for a Residential Green Report: $450

Base Retail Fee for a Commercial Green Report: $2,500

Discounted fees are available based on order volume.

For more information, please contact New Vista Solutions at 866.721.9295, or email

To review samples of The Green Report, click the links below:

Sample Green Report - Residential

Sample Green Report - Commercial

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