Is Your Home Ready for Summer? Savvy Homeowners Are Saving Money with Rebates and Discounts

Is Your Home Ready for Summer? Savvy Homeowners Are Saving Money with Rebates and Discounts - Is Your Home Ready for Summer?

By Jesse Rivera, CEO at New Vista Solutions

The transition from spring to summer in the U.S. is in full swing as homeowners prepare for warm temperatures, unpredictable weather patterns and higher electric bills. Some summer-time maintenance chores can be costly, but there is good news for those who do their homework.

Many utility companies offer rebates on AC tune-ups and other energy-saving efforts, and insurance policy holders can benefit from taking steps to mitigate wind damage in hurricane-prone areas.

Here are some cost-saving tips for homeowners this summer season.

Rebates for maintaining air conditioning equipment —

Air conditioning systems need regular maintenance to operate at peak efficiency levels. Some utility providers offer rebates on the cost of routine inspections, refrigerant re-charges and various other maintenance and repair services.

PG&E in California offers up to $480 in rebates for several AC maintenance services and products.

Arizona offers rebates on qualifying AC tune-ups, duct repair and the purchase and installation of new high-efficiency AC systems.

Rebate programs vary from state to state, so property owners will have to do a little research. Fortunately, New Vista Solutions and IncentiFind have partnered to create The Green Report, which provides a list of green incentives (including utility rebates) available for your specific geographic location. To access a list of rebates and other financial incentives available in your area, go to and click on FREE SEARCH.

Energy-efficient windows keep the cool air in and put money in your pocket —

A recent study by the National Association of Home Builders revealed that ENERGY STAR rated windows are at the top of the energy efficiency priority list for homeowners. To learn more about this study, read my article entitled NAHB Reports ENERGY STAR Rating Tops the List of Green Energy Features Desired by Homeowners.

In addition to lowering the electric bill, many energy-efficient window installation projects qualify for government-backed financial incentives. To learn more about these incentives, go to and click on FREE SEARCH.

Taking steps to mitigate wind damage in hurricane prone areas can lower insurance premiums —

With the first day of June comes another hurricane season in the U.S. States most affected by hurricanes like to encourage homeowners to do their part to prepare for high winds associated with these storms.

Florida requires insurance companies to offer premium discounts — called wind mitigation credits — to property owners who meet certain requirements. Securing a roof with hurricane clips or wraps and installing impact-resistant windows and doors can reduce the hurricane/wind portion of a homeowner’s policy by as much as 88%.

Each state varies in their discount policies. Homeowners should check with their insurance provider to learn more about premium discounts.

Not required to have flood insurance? Maybe you should purchase it anyway.

No one likes to pay for insurance, especially flood insurance. If your property is located within an area deemed by FEMA’s flood insurance rate maps to be at high-risk, your mortgage company will require you to purchase a flood insurance policy.

For those not in a designated high-risk flood zone, you might consider purchasing a policy anyway. It is estimated that over 20% of all flood insurance claims involve property that isn’t in a high-risk flood zone. Most homeowners aren’t aware of the low cost flood insurance available to them if they are located outside of a high-risk flood zone area. If you aren’t currently required to purchase flood insurance but you’re near a flood prone area, it might be worth a call to your insurance agent to find out about preferred-risk, low-cost flood insurance.

If your summer to-do list includes any energy-efficient upgrades to your home, New Vista Solutions and IncentiFind can help you find out if there are any financial incentives available to reduce the cost of your project.

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