New Vista Solutions in 2020 — Continued Growth with Focus on Innovation, Technology and Green Energy Incentives to Benefit Lenders and Consumers

New Vista Solutions in 2020 — Continued Growth with Focus on Innovation, Technology and Green Energy Incentives to Benefit Lenders and Consumers - New Vista Solutions in 2020

By Jesse Rivera, CEO at New Vista Solutions

With a new year and a new decade underway, New Vista Solutions continues to see record growth and new opportunities to serve the mortgage lending community. Our focus in 2020 is directed toward innovation, technology and streamlined product solutions that help our lender customers cut costs and increase operational efficiency.

We will soon introduce a few new products designed to streamline the approval process for refinances and home equity loans. Our new FastTrack product is a customized bundle of services designed to utilize alternative products that significantly reduce costs and speed up the lending process, giving our community banking and credit unions a considerable competitive advantage. We will also introduce the industry’s fastest method for asset/deposit, employment and income verification — a big time saver in the loan approval process. Look for our press release in March.

We are committed to the continued enhancement and maintenance of our integration with MeridianLink’s LoansPQ consumer loan origination system, and we’re exploring other LOS integrations that we believe will benefit our lender customers.

Recent changes in the full appraisal exemption threshold for commercial banks and credit unions have expanded the market for automated valuations. We’re pleased to offer a new commercial AVM product that will save our commercial lenders a considerable amount of time and money.

As many U.S. companies, including top-tier financial institutions, turn their attention to renewable energy, water conservation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, New Vista Solutions is taking a leadership role in educating consumers and lenders on the topic of green energy incentives — government and utility-backed financial rewards available to property owners who incorporate energy-efficient upgrades into their new construction and renovation projects.

Through our partnership with the nation’s only accurate database of green incentives, we have created The Quick Summary and The Green Report (learn more at These reports are designed to help property owners save money and to give mortgage lenders a valuable edge on the competition when marketing to potential borrowers.

We’re enhancing our ordering platform to allow lenders to easily add our Quick Summary, a low-cost assessment of financial incentives available for a specific property, when ordering settlement products associated with a loan designated for home improvements that include energy-efficient upgrades.

We are in discussions with lenders, the GSEs and various organizations who are committed to promoting energy-efficient practices and initiatives throughout the U.S. We are especially excited about working with a new company who is helping credit unions by acquiring loans made to low-income urban, rural and reservation-based borrowers that involve green energy improvements.

It’s a new year filled with new ideas, new products and an opportunity to make a difference. Our New Vista management team is hyper-focused on bringing best-in-class services to the mortgage lending community, and we look forward to leading the charge on educating consumers and lenders on the financial assistance available to those who invest in energy-efficiency.

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