The Green Report Survey Results

The Green Report Survey Results - The Green Report Survey Results

By Jesse Rivera, CEO at New Vista Solutions

Since announcing the launch of The Green Report on November 2, 2018, we've received considerable interest and support. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to take the survey, and we appreciate the valuable feedback regarding the sample reports.

(If you missed our announcement about The Green Report (our newest product for mortgage lenders), you can read all about it here:

There were a few questions submitted in the survey, so we thought we’d share them with everyone.

Question #1: Can The Green Report be customized so that only one type of green energy project is represented, i.e. solar energy?

Answer: We have the capabilities to filter the incentive data shown in The Green Report to complement your loan products and the markets and geographic areas you serve. For example, we can filter the incentive data to reflect solar energy for Residential or solar energy for Commercial. For custom pricing, call New Vista Solutions at 866-721-9295.

Question #2: Does the incentive information in The Green Report cover all states in the U.S.? How often is the database updated?

Answer: Yes, IncentiFind’s database captures and maintains data for all 50 states, along with each of their county, city, and utility-level incentives. Incentive data for U.S. Territories is not captured in IncentiFind’s database. Incentive data is continually updated to reflect the most current and accurate information. Incentive data includes: energy efficiency, water conservation, renewables (such as solar), economic development, electric vehicles, and electric vehicle charge stations. The incentive data captured in IncentiFind’s database complements loan products for Residential and Commercial markets.

Question #3: Can The Green Report be submitted in an Excel format so it can easily be integrated into our cash flow analysis?

Answer: Yes, The Green Report can be provided in an Excel format. Lenders may benefit from an Excel format should they desire to incorporate the funding from eligible incentives into their Cash Flow Analysis. Borrowers then benefit from The Green Report as it displays incentive data in an easy-to-read format, where they are able to see how incentives benefit their project's cash flows.

Question #4: Can The Green Report's fees be incorporated into a lender's term financing, so the property owner is shielded from upfront costs?

Answer: Yes, The Green Report’s fees may be incorporated into a lender’s term financing.

For more information about The Green Report, contact New Vista Solutions at 866.721.9295.