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We specialize in helping home equity lenders save time and money. Our bundled services are designed to simplify the ordering process and cut costs while staying compliant with the Interagency Guidelines, and we offer customized bundled services to help streamline the closing process.

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Credit Report — Individual tradeline reports or tri-merged with several scoring models and easy-to-read formats. Click here for more information

Residential Valuations (loan amounts up to $400,000)

  • Full Warranty available on all Residential Valuation Products
  • Automated Valuation Model (AVM) Report — Sourced from the top AVM providers in the industry. Model validation procedures ensure compliance with agency guidelines.
  • Validated Cascade — Pre-validated by AVMetrics to verify accuracy at the county level.
  • Residential Evaluations — Utilizing the top five evaluation providers in the U.S.
  • Limited Appraisal — Performed by a licensed appraiser; fast, accurate and compliant.
  • Property Market Condition Report — Provides a comprehensive review of the property and surrounding market along with a photo of the subject property.
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Flood Determination Report — An accurate flood determination provided for each transaction. Click here for more information

Title Search Report (Full Warranty Available) — A search of public records to report tax liens, judgments and encumbrances along with recordable Legal & Vesting information.
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Mortgage Loan Report (Full Warranty Available) — Provides lien information in an instant; designed to help home equity lenders lower costs and meet quick turn-around times.
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Recordation Service — Full review of documents to be recorded; non-fatal errors corrected; fatal errors returned to lender for correction; secure electronic recordation available; traditional mail-out service nationwide; processing of court filing fees and full order tracking and management status reporting.
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