Credit Reports

Joint or individual; merged reports, Real time web-based credit reports, Tax Return Verification, Verification of Employment and Verification of Income

Flood Determinations

New Vista works with the leading national flood providers who have digital databases that contain the flood zone status of more than 150 million properties within the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Using this information, the flood providers return an average of 90 percent of flood zone determinations within seconds. If a determination is not an automatic hit, manual research orders are returned within 24 hours.

Basic Determination
Identifies the flood zone, community number, map and panel number, community participation information, insurance availability, map date and entry-date.

Life-Of-Loan Determination
This is a basic determination plus map change tracking with follow-up determinations for the life of the loan. If a map change or community status change occurs on the property, we will notify you of any change within sixty (60) days. Finally, life of loan service is fully transferable should the loan be sold or transferred.

Commercial Flood Determination
We provide Life of Loan determinations for commercial properties that include the community name and number, panel-suffix, map date, base flood elevation for the Flood Insurance Rate Maps and community participation status.

Census Information/HMDA
Provides the census tract, MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area), state code and county code when requested.

Life of Loan Compliance
We also provides Life of Loan compliance monitoring of the flood zone status on all loans in a lender’s portfolio. This service ensures compliance with regulatory and lender requirements since special flood hazard areas may change. We also update their database to include loan servicing changes. If a FEMA map change affects insurability, we provide a new determination within 60 days of the change’s effective date.

Residential Valuations

Automated Valuation Models
Eight National Providers. Cascading system. Instant valuations at very low price. Utilized in conjunction with a Property Market Condition Report to provide compliant information for an evaluation

Property Market Condition Reports
Provides economic, market and general property information and photo of subject property. Designed for use in conjunction with an AVM

Residential Evaluation
Designed to meet minimum requirements of 2010 Interagency Appraisal & Evaluation guidelines for use on residential loans under $250K. New Vista Solution provides comprehensive evaluation options from the top five evaluation providers in the nation. These valuations are faster and less expensive than traditional appraisals. Reports are completed with a market approach to value methodology. Can be completed on improved or unimproved property and can be done as exterior only with photos or also to include interior inspection with photos. The standard residential evaluation provides an exterior inspection and includes:

  • Listing information for the subject property Prior transaction history for the subject property
  • Summary of neighborhood market conditions and subject's marketability
  • Neighborhood REO data and information
  • Exterior photos of subject property
  • Location map of the subject property
  • In depth commentary about the subject property

Title Searches

Title Reports(O&E)
The Title Report, or owner and encumbrance report, is an uninsured title product identifying the last deed given for consideration simultaneously with a security instrument, recorded, the legal description, open mortgages/deeds of trust, judgements, federal tax liens, and property tax and assessment records as disclosed in the real property records in the county in which the subject property is located

Deed Report(L&V)
Provides legal description of a property, identifies borrower as vested owner of the land

Alternative Title Products

Mortgage Loan Report (MLR)
The MLR report is designed to accelerate the home equity lending process. It includes a public records search of liens and mortgage trade lines utilizing the borrower’s credit information. The MLR also contains a borrower’s affidavit and is warranted with a Mortgage Services E&O Policy

Equiguard is a lien protection product which replaces the title search process in your home equity lending programs, and is generally less than 50% of the price of a traditional title search. The Equiguard Product covers the lender against any loss due to superior liens that the Lender would or could have known about had they conducted a title search.

Residential Recordation

New Vista Recording offers a centralized operation for the tracking and coordination of all recordable data and includes customized reports.